Thursday, June 10, 2010

PPD Camp 2

wow~ finally came bck frm ppd camp ad~ really enjoy the camp, especially the kembara part, this s the 1st time i go kembara, really really very BEST!!! bt..........(((long long long story 2 tell, sum very sienz story, n some very SCARY story... wait til sun i ll post it ya~ haha~)))))

haha~ just hv bout 15mins here, coz i m going home ltr~ hehe~ planning 2 go home 2mr de, bt ery1 s going home 2day wor~ so i mar change my mind ad lor~ hehe~

posting list come out ad, i ll do surgery posting 1st, then O&G, then JKM, and the last 1 is internal medicine~ emm~ quite happy with tat lar, at least nt O&G & JKM 1st~ haha~

well, i wan 2 go home lar, so frens, if u still in s'wan, plz let me know ya, miss all of u a lot, really A LOT~~~ really hope 2 yamcha with all of u~~ c ya my dear frens~

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