Wednesday, June 15, 2011

first autopsy session!!!! ( post mortem examination)

is wednesday again!!! & i love wednesday so much!! hahaha~
wanna ask me why??
haiya~ even if u dun feel like u wan 2 ask hor, i ll tell oso~ haha~
because wed morning gt CPC session aa~ bcoz we r "compulsory" to attend the CPC session, so i can skip morning wardround lar!!!
so i nt nid 2 wake up early, then follow wardround like a zombie~ haha~ really hard to make myself awake in the morning lor~ hehe~

oppss, i stray from the point ad~ hehe~ okok~ bck to the our topic 2day~
so i skip wardround again this morning, & sleep til 8stg (coz i skip CPC session too)~ then go to the forensic department, straight away go into the bilik mayat~

some coursemates re waiting there ad, 2day only gt 1case, the dead person s a indian muslim, middle-aged, the cause of death s... hanging the neck until dead??? hmm.. dunno tat s the correct way to describe it anot~ lol~

this is the first time i observe the autopsy session, when i enterd the room, the first thgs come into my mind s: so, tat s the dead body.. lol... siapa pun tau lar~ haha~

honestly, i dun like the smell, i dun like the stiffness of the dead body, but then it s ok for me to observe it, although i always think that i ll nausea or vomit, or even faint when i observe the procedure.

i really din expect tat the doc ll straight away cut off the chest & abdominal wall, and brain, without "drawing a line" or wat, the doc/patologists(?) r so great & experienced, ery cut they make s so perfect!!

perhaps the "most scary" part is when the patologist(?) romove the brain by making an incision in the back of the skull from one ear to the other. then the scalp is cut and seperated frm the skull~ the skull then removeed by using an "electronic saw"~~ then they take the brain out lor~

the nxt incision make is frm the sternum (?? i din c properly, coz it s really too fast) to the pubic region, to expose the rib cage & abdominal cavity lor~ then they cut off the rib cage~ to expose the organs in the chest~~

then they take out the trachea, esophagus, thyroid, lungs, heart, and abdominal organs such as liver, stomach, intestine, kidney..... then they examine the organs one by one lor~ they cut it like cutting bread~ OMG~ i cant blieve this~ cut the organs into pieces, then examine carefully, & record the findings~~

afta this, then only they put all the organs they take out back into the body again~ then sew it and clean it~ tat s all lar~ haha~

basically, tat s the stardard autopsy session lar~ ( tat s wat i read b4 went into the examination room) i dun think it s hard 2 perform the procedure lor, just tat it s difficult to pick up all important points nia~ nvrm, i stil gt 9 autopsy sessions 2 observe, hopefully i can hv a chance 2 perform it in this yr, honestly, i ad feel excited for it liao~ hahaha~ gd luck 2 me!!

ps: i tot i ll LOA (lost of appetite) afta it, bt then i feel ok nia, bt then perhaps it s gross a bit for the other ppl, so jao dun1 2 upload any photos here lar~ even i upload aa, oso just photos frm google nia lar, takkan upload real photos mar, so any1 who s interested, can go google cc then jao know hw it s looks like lar~ hehe~

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