Friday, November 25, 2011

Triad Posting ^^

Wow, it has been long time I did not renew my blog lar~
Recently i'm doing my triad posting : ENT, Opthalmology, Anaesthesiology & intensive care ~
i think this is the MOST busy posting that i have gone through, but i must agree with kahyan that, although it is very busy, but it's not very stress lar~ hehe~

finish my ENT( Ear, Nose, Throat) posting in 3weeks time~
feel so great to have a super duper nice prof as my supervisor, he is really so funny lar~ really have a very very great teaching session with him~
at least i can perform a good tuning fork test~ * he is so strict on this lor~
ENT is really a very very great posting~
we learn how to use otoscope and get a lot of chance to look into patient's ears,   it's really a very very nice experience to do indirect laryngoscope on ourselves lor, we use the co-phenylcaine forte spray to spray at the post 1/3 / uvula region~ it's really so numb!!! and really no more gag reflex ler~ so geng!! haha~

oppss, talking about ENT hor, how come i forget to mention Prof S?? he is really a very nice & cute prof, i can't forget when he s giving us a lecture on tracheostomy, he s actually spending about 15minutes to tell us about the Harry Potter, Twillight, Walking Dead, etc, lol~ but then he really did give a very informative lecture lar~
we are so proud to attend his lecture, the best laryngeal specialist in msia~ hehe~

Ear, Nose & Throat. At least one in the family will have some kind of ENT problem, believe anot? but then if that's not true, don't blame me lar, i just simply say say nia~ haha~

and so, 3weeks past....
now i'm doing opthal posting!!!
OMG~ it's really so stress when i first look through the opthalmoscope~
i can't even appreciate the blood vessels!!!!! apa lagi optic disc?? or macula?
but then luckily we have a few good & friendly posting mates, that " accidentally" dilate their eyes in the clinic~
that s my first time to look into the fundus, look at the beautiful structures in the eyes~
seriously, really have to say thankyou to them, and of coz my dear friends that practice together with me~
after 3 long long long clinic session ( from 9am-6pm!!!!) with our prof, I'm really so happy that at least i can identify some important structures in the eyes lor ( when i'm lucky lar, hehe), although i still miss alot... haiz~

the beautiful eyes~
i really enjoy Triad so much~ it's so interesting, and it's so "specific"~ and of course, it's so hard lar ( please don't fail me...) , especially the anatomy part~ sweat~ i still can't forget Mr.J.... the "God of anatomy"~~ really so so geng~ hehe~

alright, i think that's all for tonight, tomorrow go home? ooo.... haven't decide ler... how aa? haiz~


麦片鱼 said...

wah, itu ophthalmoscope aa, really a, sometimes "hard till die".

if dilate will make job easier, but we dun usually dilate pt's pupil.

erm, u learn more at ophthalmologist there aa, then teach me some! hie hie.

Red_Bean said...

dilate jor much more easy lar~ hehe~ i baru wan to ask u to teach me hw to do better in opthal ler.... lol~