Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BigBang ComeBack!!


29 Feb 2012 will be BIGBANG and VIP's day!!!
can't wait to see them come back on BIGSHOW stage~
and "BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012"~
excited to see 5 of them stand together on the stage, sing together, and dance together~
and now, they're well prepared,
and the VIP're well prepared too~
waiting for you,
GDragon, DaeSung, Taeyang, TOP, and Seungri~

present to you,
ps: TOP super lengzai!!! haha~

ps: i'm not a "typical" VIP~ so i have not much to share about this, but i can't stop falling in love with DaeSung in korean show season 1~ hehe~ fast fast go watch ba, it was super interesting to see MC JaeSok, HyoRi, and DaeSung "quarrel" in the show oo~ hehe~

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