Tuesday, August 9, 2011

second day, paed posting~

recently i' m there~ ^^ & i love it!!!

"san mao", which "created" few years ago when puan zainab is teaching sastera in 5sd class~ hehe~ was too boring when i m studying the boring DA thgy....

so today is my second day in paed posting~
wake up at 615am, and caught the van at 715am~
clerking, examine, doing DA~ seriously, was very tired.....
bt our day was brighten up by our 1st teaching session in paed posting~
was satisfied & happy after a very fruitful teaching with Dr Baizura~
she s so great!!!

tomorrow will hv another teaching session with my own supervisor~
and we hv to clerk endless cases, examine endless patients again~

2day is my second day in paed posting,
n i'm so tired ad......

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