Friday, July 6, 2012

New Journey

Just came back from BTN+PPD camp @ Kem Bina Negara Ulu Sepri~
indeed a very interesting camp, after i had join 2 PPD camps in 1st year & 3rd year, (PPD: Personal &Professional Development, a special module in UKM~ )
i think i really enjoy this camp so much,
and i think all of us really learnt a lot from this camp,
not only the medical knowledge,
but also regarding our future life as a house officer,
the medicolegal issues, the financial planning, the documentations, etc.
i really love the session with the Alumni HO,
these seniors that had successfully gone through the housemanship and now work as Medical Officer really give a lot of good advises to us,
about our future life as house officer, the shift system, and further study planning,
it's a really a very good BTN & PPD camp,
i really had a lot of fun there,
credits to the BTN jurulatih, PPD committees, facilitators ( decided to live together with us in that ulu place,  when they can enjoy their life & doing their wardrounds in KL is never an easy decision~ ya, i must agree with my super yeng Prof Razif, "why are them still there?")
suddenly i love UKM so so so so much, so proud to be Mahasiswa UKM~
is it because i just came back from BTN camp that teach us to love our country?

the BTN+PPD camp's over.
the new journey is going to start,
my clinical posting finally gonna start after 7weeks of SSM posting + 1weeks camping,
"Misi Jubah Merah" will starts with O&G posting,
and this time i get GREEN WARD,
and i'm quite happy with it,
this is the last 7weeks that i can fully concentrate on O&G,
to work hard & make a huge difference before we go for Professional Exam in April, 2013~
it's a new journey,
and hopefully in 280++ days (BBA blog keep count down for us, LOL),
we will do a very good job in professional exam,
and in year 2015,
we will come back as Alumni UKM to share our experience to the juniors....

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